Introducing Location-Based Communication with BlueLine Grid

BlueLine Grid is proud to introduce a collection of new features for 2017, including cutting edge location-based communication, improvements to 1-click conference calling and mass notifications, universal support for uploading and sending attachments, and revamped organizational controls around onboarding.

The new features demonstrate our commitment to ongoing innovation. Our world is constantly faced with new threats, and our role at BlueLine Grid is to develop and provide government agencies and corporate security teams with the tools they need to help counter them.

With that said, please take a moment to review our first quarter 2017 product updates below.

Location-Based Communication

BlueLine Grid now offers advanced location tracking and instant communication based on geofencing. Perhaps the most powerful tool for mission critical collaboration, geofencing uses GPS technology to allow users to find and select available contacts within a specific area of a map and initiate instant communication, 1-click conference calls, or one-click group chats.

With advanced location features comes a series of new tools for administrators:

  • Map-based location tracking of all team members, in real-time.
  • Create a customized radius to search the proximity of team members from anywhere on the map.
  • User locations that refresh every 8 seconds (however organizations can implement custom refresh cycles).
  • Cross-organizational communication covering multiple jurisdictions and/or departments.

Improvements to 1-Click Conference Calling, Mass Notifications and Attachments

GridCalls are instant conference calls (up to 200 participants) that take place within the app at the push of a button. Now, administrations can add participants to a call in progress on both iOS and Android. The administrator remains in control of the call throughout, having the ability to remove unwanted participants or those who are no longer needed.

Mass notifications are now more useful than ever with the latest release. Leaders with permission can send alerts that reach other communities of interest and can be activated from the mobile app . These notifications can be delivered through the BlueLine Grid app, SMS, voice-to-text or a combination of listed methods.

BlueLine Grid also created a more versatile platform for sending attachments to team members and to outside organizations with shared interests. Previously, users could send an image, video recording, PDF or location as an attachment. BlueLine Grid has added increased functionality for audio recordings, plain text documents and CSV formatted documents.

An Improved Onboarding Experience

Onboarding members to the BlueLine Grid platform has never been more seamless. New features for administrators include:

  • The ability to add members to registered organizations by uploading a CSV file. (Note: BlueLine Grid provides the CSV onboarding template)
  • Organizing onboarded members from available organizations into virtual communities. For a team, this serves the tactical purpose of continuously exchanging information.
  • A Community of Interest (COI) outreach program. As a use-case example, the outreach program could be used to create a cross-organization task force.
  • Control over your organization on a separate Web Application

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