BlueLine Grid: Enterprise-Grade Collaboration

BlueLine Grid is the mission-critical communications and logistics platform for government agencies and private security operations for a variety of reasons. In this post, we are going to focus on two of the network’s greatest strengths: security and compliance capabilities.

The tools agencies use for mission-critical communications should seamlessly check both the security and the compliance boxes at the backend, allowing frontend users – police departments or corporate security and emergency management teams and more – to focus on the task at hand. The organizations that sew the fabric of our nation’s security have enough problems to solve. It is time for their network to solve the rest.

An often overlooked element of security is trust – a foundational desire of any organization, but a critical need for government agencies and security operations. BlueLine Grid solves the persistent issue of how people within the same organization or different organizations find and connect with one another, as well as how they trust the legitimacy of unfamiliar team members across vast organizations. WhatsApp – and certainly text message collaboration – does not provide organizations with the instantaneous level of trust, control, and therefore legitimacy compared to collaborating on BlueLine Grid.

Another misconception is thinking security and compliance are similar. Granted, while regulations surrounding how we move and store data offer guidance on secure data practices that every organization should follow, the two are still vastly different concepts. While agencies should and must be compliant with current regulations, those regulations should be viewed as a baseline, or bare minimum of security. Rather, organizations – and government agencies in particular — should have compliance tools built into their network.

At BlueLine Grid, secure communication means end-to-end encryption. Encryption in transit, encryption at rest as well as control of the policies that define compliant usage are no longer optional features of a modern secure network. As a government agency or private enterprise, your team messaging and real-time communication should never show up on the front page or fall into the wrong hands – particularly in the midst of crisis or rapid response. BlueLine Grid offers encryption as well as the governance controls to ensure trust, allowing organizations to communicate transparently without the lingering concern of unwanted viewers or recipients.

The latest example of what can happen in lieu of cutting-edge enterprise controls was reported over the holidays by The New York Times, as Federal prosecutors have indicted three Chinese citizens in an email hacking ring that hit seven major M&A law firms based in New York – two of them successfully.

The lesson here is emails are often hacked or otherwise made public. Anyone can buy a police scanner and listen to radio conversations, while text messages live forever on remote servers. Instead, BlueLine Grid turns your smartphone into a secure hub for mass communication, group collaboration or one-on-one conversations.

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