BlueLine Grid + Fusion Centers

Today we are going behind the scenes to take a look at Fusion Centers — a series of organizations strategically placed throughout the United States, playing a vital role in the fabric of our nation’s security and connecting local law enforcement and corporate security teams with BlueLine Grid.

What are Fusion Centers?

Fusion Centers receive, analyze and share threat-related information among government agencies and the private sector. Most were created under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a response to the September 11 attacks. Fusion centers are designed to promote information sharing from the very top (federal agencies) all the way down to state and local governments. Also, Fusion centers are sometimes linked with an Emergency Operations Center, which responds in the event of a disaster.

Why use Fusion Centers?

The value proposition is quite clear: when we share information among jurisdictions and various levels of government, we have a more complete picture. Fusion centers offer information that no other single partner can offer, whether responding to a threat or a natural disaster. Another advantage is the locality of Fusion Centers. As advanced as our national agencies are, a local perspective on evolving events, potential targets, and threats is critical. Fusion Centers allow for that local perspective and for locally-related intelligence to be heard and included.

How does BlueLine Grid help?

Over 37 Fusion Centers, such as the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, use BlueLine Grid daily to communicate with local law enforcement, first responders, and private sector security. Those 37 Fusion Centers reach more than 10,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of first responders and security personnel.

Consider the application of BlueLine Grid’s products: GridTEAM transforms a smartphone into a hub for secure internal messaging, mass alerts, location tracking and data access, unlocking intra-organizational barriers, and providing collaboration opportunities within an organization or across an entire region. Sounds pretty similar to the function of Fusion Centers, right? That’s why BlueLine Grid is the perfect match.

Fusion Centers use GridCOMMAND — BlueLine Grid’s desktop experience, offering expanded views, communication tools and controls for administrators — to initiate one-click conference calls with hundreds of participants, track their team, start a group chat or connect with an individual from a single control center.  

The bottom line is we are proud to assist in our nation’s security in any way possible, and we believe we are just scratching the surface of intra-organizational communication, trust and information sharing.

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