Introducing The BlueLine Grid Blog

Welcome to the BlueLine Grid Blog where we will seek to paint an aggregate portrait of how users all over the world are using our products and benefiting from our our critical collaboration capabilities. The Blog will provide insights from clients into our products, background on our technology and Company culture as well as observations on the challenges that we solve each day. Our mission is to constantly re-imagine the future of communication, identifying how technology can solve complex problems of trust, interoperability and efficient information sharing to increase mobile workforce productivity, reduce cost and create rich data.

Lofty goals for a first post. Let’s start with the basics. BlueLine Grid supports the mission-critical collaboration needs of the most demanding government agencies and the world’s leading corporations.

The Company was founded by David Riker, Jack Weiss and Bill Bratton — a seasoned entrepreneur, former elected official, and Police Commissioner — who combined their unique public service and technology backgrounds to solve the challenges inherent in organizational and inter-organizational communication. Government agencies, corporations and other organizations lacked the ability to securely collaborate in the midst of growing international and domestic security threats. Over time, BlueLine Grid evolved into a mobile communications and emergency management platform for government agencies and private enterprise, differentiating its platform with administrative and compliance controls, intra-organizational location tracking, identity management and end-to-end security. Today BlueLine Grid works with police departments, corporations with widely-dispersed mobile workforces, and others to meet their secure, mass communication needs.

Until now, no platform offered an access model enabling highly individualized and customizable user privileges, location tracking and various modes of communication (alerts, messaging, instant calls) in one place. The reality is current forms of organizational communication no longer hold up against domestic hackers, cyber criminals or foreign adversaries. Too often we read emails and text messages in the news which were not intended to be read by millions. More often than not, harmful information is being exposed to the masses.

Most organizations have yet to discover an efficient method to keep internal communications internal. But as a minimum threshold, BlueLine Grid believes sensitive material should always be encrypted, and accessible only on a closed platform like ours. For too long, front line government agencies and private enterprise have relied on email — because nothing else was available.

BlueLine Grid is creating a new standard. We provide customized apps in both the App Store and Google Play for the Los Angeles Police Department, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and many other government and corporate entities.


But product features are only part of the story of “the Grid.”  For us, it is about the power of the network, connecting organizations to their mobile employees with a platform that allows each to connect to other corporations and even government agencies.

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